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beInClass Terms & Conditions

beInClass Terms and Conditions

You agree to these terms and conditions when you buy something online. At any time, we can change these terms and conditions by putting them on the website.


As best we can, we will try to keep your eLearning materials available to you at all times. However, access to the courses may be limited, suspended, or terminated at any time.

It’s possible for us to change the information in the material at any time, and we won’t tell you about it.

Single Course Purchases:

You will have access to the courses you have bought for as long as you want after you buy them. After you buy the course, you’ll be able to take tests for 12 months.

Intellectual Property or Copyright:

Each course has its own design, text, and graphics. All software compilations are owned by beInClass as well. All of the rights are reserved.

All of this material can’t be used or re-used without beInClass permission.

The only thing you can do is download or print a single copy for your own, non-commercial use.

As soon as you download the course material from our site, all of the material and data are yours.

You can use them for your own, non-commercial use only and not sell or share them with any other learner.

beInClass does not give away the title or intellectual property rights of the course.
You can’t sell, give away, reproduce, or change any of the material.

beInClass owns all of the trademarks and logos. You can’t use them in any way.
beInClass will try to make sure that the data in the courses is correct, and if there are mistakes or omissions, they will try to fix them as soon as possible.

To the fullest extent permitted by law, we do not make any promises or warranties about the accuracy of any information in the courses. We can’t promise that the material will be free of mistakes or omissions, and we won’t be responsible for any mistakes or omissions.

No one promises that the website is free of viruses or anything else that could harm any kind of computer or other kinds of tech.

beInClass does not make any promises about the content of other websites that you may be able to get to from the courses. A link to a non-beInClass website doesn’t mean that beInClass agrees with or accepts any responsibility for the content or use of the website linked to.


In order to make an online purchase, you can pay right away with a credit or debit card, let someone else pay on your behalf, or get an invoice for other payment methods. You can purchase courses in USD Please contact pay@beInClass.com for more information if you need it.

Refund Policy:

Once you have entered a course and passed it for 14 days, you are not eligible for a refund. beInClass may review refund requests case by case. Please email your request to refund@beinclass.com.

Bundle Courses: 
You are not eligible for a refund for a certain course in a bundle courses; however, please email us at refund@beinclass.com to review the refund request.

All refunds are eligible for the Visa/Mastercard refund policy and should be processed within 14 working days.


Courses that you buy can’t be canceled or given to someone else.


beInClass members should use their existing membership user and password to access the courses they’ve bought. After clicking the buy now link, people who aren’t members of the beInClass should sign up for online purchasing.
Your login information is how we can tell who you are, and so it is very important that you keep it safe. You are responsible for paying for any services that were accessed through the website by anyone who used your password details, even if they were not you.

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